At DepoWorks we understand the importance of video in a case. We also understand that we have one shot and there are no second takes. That is why we use state of the art technology usually used on major television productions. At DepoWorks we use multiple recording devices so that we always have backups in case anything unexpected happens. We know the relevant codes and standards to ensure that your job is done properly and we never outsource our work.


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Media delivery: SD Card, Flash Drive, Secured Web Stream, or DVD


  • Deposition, Arbitration, Conference
  • Video Sync to Transcript
  • Clip Creation for Courtroom Playback
  • Post-production Editing and Duplication
  • Cloud Based Video Backup
  • Remote Access – watch all of your videos anytime, anywhere on any platform.
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The DepoWorks Difference

  • DepoWorks has simplified the whole Deposition process, no bulky soundboards, monitors and wires spread everywhere. We use the latest compact equipment in order to have the most amount of space available for you.
  • State of the Art Technology, we record all of our depositions in High Resolution up to 4k.
  • We only use multi-channel audio recording devices which are capable of recording multiple people at one time with no distortion. Furthermore, we record all of our audio independently so that we have backups in case any issue arises with the audio.
  • We offer competitive rates with no unnecessary fees. Our clients receive a simple and easy to read bill that doesn’t require a law degree to understand.
  • Continuous recording – At DepoWorks you will never hear one our videographers need to interrupt the proceeding just to change the media or batteries. Our process allows us to record up to 12hrs continuously without interruption.

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The Video Edge

Videotaped depositions have the power to capture attention and influence opinions. The visual presentation of evidence has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of conveying information to a jury. Dr. Albert Mehrabian developed a communication model in which he demonstrated that only about 7% of what we communicate consists of the literal content of the message; voice, tone, and body language make up the residual. Adding video evidence provides a dimension to the presentation that brings words to life. Video testimony has more clarity, context, and impact on the jury. It communicates nuances that simply cannot be presented in a written format.

DepoWorks is a Los Angeles based, independent company founded by television production professionals possessing years of knowledge and expertise. We provide the full gamut of legal-based video services, including depositions, hearings, arbitrations, interviews, meetings, and trial. Our services are tailored toward your individual needs in order to ensure the best result are achieved. We synergize legal video services with cutting-edge technology, allowing for production of stunning multimedia video presentations that that will give you the edge in the courtroom.

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